ZTelec Group has many years of experience in FR4 producing industry

FR4 insulating board generally appears as water green, and thin glass fibre board usually has white color. Good glass fibre board has transparent green layout, no bubbles, no layers, and good processing mechanical properties.

The conventional size of FR4 is 1020 * 1220, and the size of large plate is 1030 * 1230. Large plate should be customized. Thickness can be made from 1-50mm. FR4 epoxy board is made of glass fiber impregnated with epoxy resin layer by layer, which has strong insulation. It is widely used in electrical and electrical industry, especially in charging cabinet circuit breaker as a separator on both sides, playing an insulating supporting role.

ZTelec Group has many years of experience in FR4 processing and production. We have professional technicians and operators. In the production and processing of insulating board, we can achieve high processing accuracy, small error, smooth surface without burrs. We only need a drawing or a sample to solve your confusion.

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