What’s the Difference About the G10 and 3240 Epoxy Board?

What’s the difference about the G10 and 3240 epoxy board?
G10 epoxy board is generally used as insulation structural parts in electrical machinery and electrical equipment, such as circuit breakers, switchgear, transformers, DC motors, AC contactors, explosion-proof electrical appliances and other electrical appliances, which are widely used. However, G10 epoxy board is basically halogen-free now. However, there are many businesses will be inferior, using 3240 epoxy board as G10 epoxy board to sell. So, what’s the difference between 3240 epoxy and G10 epoxy?
3240 is an old traditional board, G10 is commonly used in European and American systems. Due to different raw materials and resin processes, G10’s strength voltage, electrical strength and water absorption resistance are better than 3240.


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