What is the Difference Between 3240 Epoxy Fiverglass Board and FR4 Epoxy Fiberglass Board?

What is the difference between 3240 epoxy fiberglass board and FR4 epoxy fiberglass board? The epoxy board made of domestic common materials can be called 3240 epoxy board, while the epoxy board made of foreign production materials can be called imported insulating board or FR4 epoxy board. However, there are great differences between the two in terms of physical and chemical properties. Now let me give you a brief introduction:
1. 3240 epoxy fiberglass board, general full name: 3240 epoxy phenolic resin glass fiber cloth laminate. The adhesive used is epoxy resin adhesive, and phenolic material is used as curing agent. Temperature resistance is generally 155 degrees. Good machining performance. It is also very suitable for transformer and transformer oil. The density generally does not exceed the national standard: 1.9. But now there are many domestic manufacturers, in the process of production in order to save costs, and mixed fillers, such as talcum powder and so on. The density is greatly increased. Also makes its electrical performance greatly discount. Only suitable for general insulation works.
epoxy fiberglass board
2. FR4 epoxy fiberglass board. It is also the epoxy resin adhesive used. But it does not use phenolic as curing agent. It’s just solidified at high temperature. Make its glue more pure. Temperature resistance is generally more than 180 degrees. The machining performance is very strong. For example, we have done experiments in the past, when cutting with a cutting machine, the sparks come out of the cutting machine. It can be seen that its machining performance. And it will not crack and delamination. Very strong electrical performance. It is suitable for electronic circuit board and copper clad board. The base material is also all fine cloth. Electronic fiber cloth. Its general density is 1.85. It is resistant to chemical corrosion.

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