What is Electrical Plywood for Transformer?

What is electrical plywood for transformer? Electrical plywood for transformer is widely used in transformer, transformer insulation materials, support materials. Electrical plywood for transformer has the advantages of moderate specific gravity, high mechanical strength, easy vacuum drying and machining. Its dielectric constant is close to that of transformer oil, and its insulation coordination is reasonable. It can be used in transformer oil at 105 ℃ for a long time. Electrical plywood for transformer has been widely used in oil immersed transformer to manufacture upper and lower pressing plates, lead brackets, yoke pads and other parts. It is used in transformer to make clamps. Electrical plywood for transformer replaces the application of steel plate, insulating board, epoxy board and epoxy glass cloth board in these aspects, thus reducing the self weight and material cost of transformer. Electrical laminated board is a single board made of high-quality birch wood by cooking, rotary cutting and drying. After being coated with special insulating glue, it is made of high temperature and high pressure.
Production process of Electrical plywood for transformer:
The utility model relates to a production process of a electrical plywood for transformer for pressing rings, which is characterized in that the high-quality wood is selected, the bark is soaked, the veneer is made, and dried in a dryer; the insulating materials for veneer and composite are processed into a single piece by the number and geometric size of the same layer veneer and composite insulating materials when the compact is designed by a microcomputer according to the shape and size of the pressing rings provided by the user, And glue, dry, lay and assemble the blanks to form each single piece of the same layer board. Each layer board is assembled according to the arrangement program designed by the computer, and is formed once by hot pressing. This electrical plywood for transformer can reduce the material and working time of transformer and transformer when making pressure ring, and reduce the cost.

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