What Are the Advantages of High Temperature Resistant Epoxy Sheet?

What are the advantages of high temperature resistant epoxy sheet?
Epoxy sheet has good high temperature resistance, which is well known in the insulation material industry. Have you ever thought about the advantages of high temperature resistant epoxy board? What’s the use?

Application 1 of high temperature resistant epoxy sheet: expanded the application field of epoxy board. This feature makes it more suitable for higher-end, higher demand electrical and electronic equipment. So that more and more people are familiar with epoxy board.
Application 2 of high temperature resistant epoxy sheet: improve the compliance of consumption. In order to improve consumption, many electrical and electronic equipment are usually discontinuous all year round. Naturally, there will be a large amount of heat composition, which will increase the temperature. The high-temperature resistant function of epoxy board can meet high temperature without fear of temperature rise, and it can be shut down, or the time of replacing materials caused by the change of the function of the board caused by high temperature, so as to improve the cost compliance.
Application 3 of high temperature resistant epoxy sheet: avoid damage to appearance and function. High temperature may cause great damage to the appearance and functional characteristics of the plate. The function of high temperature resistance of epoxy board avoids the possibility of appearance crack, unsmooth, delamination and ineffective insulation function, further increases the application life of the board, and wins a better reputation for the epoxy board.
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