What Are the Advantages of Electrical Laminated Wood?

What are the advantages of electrical laminated wood?
Electrical laminated wood is a veneer made of high-quality wood as a insulation materials after cooking, rotary cutting and drying, coated with special insulating glue and pressed at high temperature. The base material and adhesive of electrical laminated wood The basic material of electrical laminated wood is wood, which accounts for about 85% of the total weight of pressed wood. Qualified substrates-primary immersion-secondary immersion-rotary cutting-veneer drying-veneer shearing and repairing-coating and assembly-pre-pressing-hot pressing. (Using low-medium adhesive, several layers of veneer, each layer of veneer is 1.2-2.2mm thick, crisscrossed according to wood grain, crisscross, parallel group billet, high pressure pressing.)
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Electrical laminated wood: mainly used for transformers, transformers, Sino-German insulation and support materials, used to make coil pressure plates, iron core pads, trapezoidal pads, wire supports, etc.
1. Electrical laminated wood has the characteristics of moderate proportion and high mechanical strength
2. The electrical laminated wood is convenient for vacuum operation, has good compatibility with transformer oil, and is easy to be machined.
3. Electrical laminated wood can be used in 105-degree transformer oil for medium and long term.
4. Electrical laminated wood replaces steel plates, insulating paperboard, epoxy paperboard, and epoxy glass cloth board to reduce the weight and material cost of transformers.
This is the advantages of electrical laminated wood. Welcome to know more details about the products.
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