Use of Motor Insulation Materials

1. The concept of motor insulation materials: materials that can prevent current from passing, the volume resistivity is usually greater than 109ΩNaN.
2. the role of the motor insulation material: isolate the charged part from the uncharged part or the part with different potentials, so that the current can flow according to a certain path.
Motor Insulation Materials
3. the motor: electromagnetic mechanical equipment for energy conversion
4. The main materials used in the manufacture of motors: conductive materials (windings, commutators, brushes), insulating materials (electrically separate the live parts from grounding parts such as cores, bases, and live parts with different potentials), magnetic permeability Materials (manufactured parts of the magnetic system such as iron core, machine base, etc.).
5, the motor insulation structure: interturn insulation, interlayer insulation, ground insulation, outsourcing insulation. There are three more, filled insulation, gasket insulation, and commutator insulation.

5.1 Inter-turn insulation of motor insulation structure: Inter-turn insulation of main pole and commutated pole coils, inter-turn insulation of armature coils, commutator pieces, inter-sheet insulation, insulation between individual turns of the same coil
5.2 Interlayer motor insulation materials of the insulation structure of the motor; Insulation between the layers of the horizontally wound main pole coil, armature winding front and rear end sections, insulation between the upper and lower layers in the slot, and insulation between the upper and lower layers of the coil
5.3 Ground motor insulation materials of the insulation structure of the motor: refers to the insulation between the windings of the motor and the base and other non-current-carrying parts, the ground insulation of the commutation pole coil of the main pole, the ground insulation of the armature winding, and the commutator
It is insulated from the ground to isolate the live parts in the motor from the non-live parts such as the machine base and the iron core, so as to avoid ground breakdown.
insulation polyester fiberglass dog bone
5.4 Outsourcing motor insulation materials of motor insulation structure: The insulation wrapped around the ground insulation mainly protects the ground insulation from mechanical damage and makes the entire coil strong and flat. It also plays a reinforcing role in the ground insulation
5.5 Filled motor insulation materials of the insulation structure of the motor: Filling the gaps of the coils, so that the entire coil is firmly formed into a whole, reducing vibration, and also making the coils regular and flat, which is good for the insulation of the ground.
Good for heat dissipation
5.6 Pad motor insulation materials of motor insulation structure: protects the insulation structure from mechanical damage during process operation
5.7 Commutator motor insulation materials of motor insulation structure: Insulation commutation between commutator segments, insulation of commutator segments to ground, V-shaped mica rings and mica sleeves between commutator segments and pressure rings, multilayer high-quality shellac plastic mica
6. Stator wire motor insulation materials: between row insulation, transposition insulation, transposition filling.
7. Motor insulation materials of hydro-generator rotor: inter-turn insulation, magnetic pole carrier and pole body insulation.

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