Three Main Characteristics of Epoxy Glass Fiber Cloth Laminates

There are three main characteristics of epoxy glass fiber cloth laminates, as follows of the insulation materials:
1、 Excellent heat resistance and flame retardancy of epoxy glass fiber cloth laminates: heat resistance grade reaches 160-180 ℃; flame retardancy: UL 94 V-0;
2、 Excellent machining performance of epoxy glass fiber cloth laminates: according to the requirements of customers, we can punch and cut the epoxy plate in Sichuan;
3、 Excellent low water absorption of epoxy glass fiber cloth laminates: the water absorption is almost 0; after 24 hours of immersion, the water absorption is only 0.09%.

The three main advantages of epoxy glass fiber cloth laminates are as follows:
1、 Raw materials, local materials and variety assurance;
2、 Market advantages, Sichuan epoxy 3240 sales agency and users are a huge information network;
3、 Scientific and technological advantages, modern measurement and testing means and processing equipment, to ensure the market demand. Since August 1997, our epoxy 3240 project has been in production, operation and construction. Up to now, it has high-tech CNC cutting equipment, large-scale hydraulic cutting equipment, CNC flame, plasma cutting, etc., all of which are controlled by computer programming. It can complete all kinds of complex straight line and curve plate cutting. It is an important processing project for the development and construction of various industries, The prospect is broad.
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