Measures to Extend the Life of Electrical Insulated Paper

We know that in the normal application of electrical insulation paper, the service life of electrical insulation paper not only affects the progress of related projects, but also affects the cost of enterprises, which is very important. Therefore, it is important to effectively extend the service life of electrical insulation paper. Here are some measures to extend the life of electrical insulated paper.
transformer insulation paper
(1) Do not place electrical insulated paper in direct sunlight. Some friends want to take out the insulation paper for drying, because the insulation paper has been stored in one place for a long time. In general, it may be exposed to direct sunlight, which is harmful to the performance properties of insulating paper and has no benefit, it needs to be dried in a cool place.
NMN Insulation Paper
(2) Pay attention to the storage environment of electrical insulated paper. Many friends keep it in the warehouse for a long time, ignoring the dryness of the air and the humidity of the environment. In general, the more appropriate environmental conditions should not exceed 70% of the humidity of the air, the best at about 25 degrees.
Nomex insulation paper
(3) Pay attention to the use limit of electrical insulated paper. It is likely to deform when it exceeds 160 degrees, so it is necessary to pay attention to its operating temperature.
high-density insulated paper board
(4) Pay attention to the maintenance of electrical insulated paper. Maintenance is actually protection plus maintenance, which indicates that maintenance is also important.
In summary, in order to effectively extend the service life of electrical insulated paper, it is necessary to avoid direct exposure, pay attention to storage environment, pay attention to daily maintenance work. In addition, in use should also pay attention to standardized operations, so as not to damage or affect its normal use of the effect.

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