Main Functions of Motor Insulating Materials

The main function of motor insulation material is to separate the conductors of different parts in electrical equipment, so that the current can flow in the predetermined direction. Motor insulation material is the weakest link in electrical equipment. Many faults occur in the absolutely green part. Therefore, the insulation material should have good dielectric property, high insulation resistance and withstand voltage strength, good heat resistance, and not be caused by long-term heating. Can change good moisture-proof, lightning proof, high mechanical strength, and easy to process.
Motor Insulation Materials
In the long-term use of motor insulation material, under the influence of temperature, electrical, mechanical and other aspects, the green insulation performance will gradually deteriorate, which is called insulation aging. Temperature has a great influence on the service life and aging of insulation materials. Therefore, in order to ensure the long-term safe operation of electrical equipment, the heat-resistant grade and limit working temperature of insulation materials are clearly specified. If the working temperature of the electrical equipment exceeds the limit working temperature of the insulating material, the service life of the insulating material will be shortened. Generally, the service life of the insulating material of the motor will be shortened by about half every 6 ℃.
According to the different physical states, the commonly used motor insulation material of motor can be divided into gas, liquid and solid. Gas insulating materials, such as air, nitrogen, carbon dioxide, sulfur hexahydrate and other liquid insulating materials, such as transformer oil, capacitor oil, cable oil and other mineral oil, as well as silicon oil, three atmosphere biphenyl and other synthetic oil solid green materials, can be divided into six categories according to their application or process characteristics. In order to fully reflect the category, variety and heat-resistant grade of solid insulation materials, 4 digits are used for solid insulation materials.

To indicate the model, there are many different varieties of similar motor insulation material, such as class materials, 0 for dip paint, 2 for overlay paint, 3 for enamel paint, 4 for viscose paint, 6 for silicon steel sheet paint, 8 for glue. For another example, in the second type of materials, 0.1, 2 refers to cotton fiber cloth, 4.5 refers to glass fiber cloth, 6 refers to semiconductor paint cloth and adhesive tape, 7 refers to insulating tube, 8 refers to film, and 9 refers to insulating film products. For example, 1031 is base phenol leather alkyd paint, class B 1032 is three
Polyoxyhydrogen amine acid paint of motor insulation material. It belongs to class B, because there are many kinds of mica, except muscovite, some other mica products in Sichuan need to add a digit after the four digit number, 1 represents the mica products and 2 represents the mica products. For example. 5438-1 is epoxy glass sound mica tape, and 5450-2 is silicone glass phlogopite tape.

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