Introduction of Transformer Insulated Crepe Paper Pipe

The transformer insulated crepe paper pipe is mainly used as the insulating material for the inner conductor of oil immersed transformer. The transformer insulated crepe paper pipe has the advantages of reliable flexibility, bending in any direction and no fracture. According to the actual requirements of customers, we can process corrugated paper tubes with different inner diameters and wall thicknesses, which are especially suitable for motors and capacitors, especially for oil immersed transformers.
insulation paper tube
The transformer insulated crepe paper pipe for electrical engineering is made of corrugated insulating paper for electrical engineering. It is mainly used for insulating and wrapping naked wires in oil immersed transformer. It can replace the traditional phenolic paper pipe. It is easy to use and has reliable softness and can not be easily bent and broken.
The transformer insulated crepe paper pipe shall be stored in a dry and clean room, and shall not be close to the fire source, heat source or squeezed by direct sunlight. The thermal stability of corrugated paper pipe is the main factor that affects the service life, load capacity, capacity and volume of oil immersed transformer. According to the provisions of GB / Z 1094.14-2011, the raw materials of corrugated paper pipe are heat-resistant super cellulose insulating paper, mineral insulating oil, solid or liquid insulating materials which are high-temperature insulating materials. Different insulating materials can be combined into different heat-resistant insulation systems. According to different temperature requirements, different heat-resistant insulation materials are selected, taking into account the heat resistance and economy of the insulating materials.
insulation paper tube

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