G11 Insulation Epoxy Board

G11 Insulation Epoxy Board Description
Epoxy Sheet, also known as insulation sheet, fiberglass sheet, and Epoxy sheet, it is made of alkali-free E-glass cloth impregnated with epoxy resins by processing under heat and pressure. It owns the character of high temperature resistance, High-intensity, Flame-retardant grades to UL94-V0, high mechanical properties and dielectric properties, good heat resistance, good-smoothness, etc.

Product Type: Epoxy fiberglass laminate sheet
Material: Flame- Retardant Epoxy Resin + Fiber glass Fabric

Main Features

1) Flame resistance.
2) High dielectric strength.
3) Moisture resistance.
4) Heat resistance.
5) Temperature resistance:150-180
6)Good flatness,smooth surface,no pits.


Used in mechanical,electrical and electronic high insulation structure parts
Used in high-performance electrical insulation requirement.
Chemical machine parts
General machines parts and gear,generators,pads,base,baffle

3240 Epoxy Phenolic Glass Cloth Laminated Sheet

Grade:3240 Epoxy Phenolic Glass Cloth Laminated
Thickness:0.5mm to 50mm
Size:Standard sheet size is 2470mm x 1220mm
This product exhibits high mechanical and dielectrical properties. It can be used as insulating construction parts in electrical machines and apparatus. It can also be used in a humid environment and in transformer oil.

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