Factors Affecting The service Life of Silicone Fiberglass Sleeve

Silicone fiberglass sleeve is one of the commonly used high temperature protection insulation materials in the industry. It is a common cable protection product in high temperature areas. It can protect various cables from high temperature damage for a long time. But what are the factors that affect the service life of silicone fiberglass sleeves? Follow the editor to briefly understand. The selected silicone fiberglass sleeve does not meet the specifications.
According to actual working conditions, there are various specifications of silicone fiberglass sleeves. If the specifications and models are not properly selected, too large or too small can not achieve the expected results, and will also reduce its service life.
fiberglass sleeving
The selected silicone fiberglass sleeve is unqualified. When selecting the protective sleeve, you must choose quality assurance to achieve the protective effect. If the quality does not meet the standard, it will reduce its protective performance and service life, and the high-quality casing has a long service life.
Silicone fiberglass sleeves can be divided into several different products according to their protection performance. Only by selecting the appropriate protection sleeve according to the actual working conditions can the ideal protection effect be achieved and the service life of the protection sleeve can be guaranteed.
The above is a brief description of the factors that affect the service life of silicone fiberglass sleeving, and I hope it will be helpful to everyone.
fiberglass sleeving

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