Epoxy Glass Fabric Laminated Sheets G11 for Insulation Plate

G11 / FR5 Laminate Sheet is a glass fabric reinforcement in a high temperature epoxy resin binder. This grade is similar to G10/FR4 but has a higher operating temperature and superior mechanical properties at elevated temperatures. It maintains good properties at both dry and humid conditions. It certifies to NEMA FR5 and MIL-I-24768/28.
G11/FR5 Epoxy Laminated Sheet can be used for a high quality construction material as well as an electrical insualtion material in various machines and equipments, especially i those areas where high mechanical strength and dynamic properties are necessary in operating temperture.
1) Grade: G11
2) Color: Yellowish
3) Thickness range: 0.1mm to 50mm
4) Sheet Size: 1020*1220mm; 1020*2040mm

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