EPGC203 Insulation Epoxy Board

EPGC203 Insulation Epoxy Board Description

1.Material: It is laminated by pressing plate machine with alkali-free glass cloth impregnated by epoxy resin and phenolic resin. Its heat-resistant is Class B(130℃)
2.Funcation: It has high mechanical properties and electrical properties. It also has good heat resistance and moisture resistance.
3.Standard: GB/T 1301.1-1998
4.Usage: It widely apply to transformer, motor, control box and so on with good dielectric properties, mechanical properties and wet resistant properties. We can also produce all kinds of insulating parts with epoxy phenolic glass cloth laminated sheet as customer’s requirement.
Thickness: 0.5–200mm
Size: 980x1980mm 1020x2040mm 1220x2470mm 1020x1220mm
EPGC203 Insulation Epoxy Board Images
Epoxy glass insulation laminated sheet

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