Electrical Insulation Tape

Electrical Insulation Tape Feature
1 3M equivalent polyimide tape, cost effective !
2 Heat shielding 300°C / 572°F
3 H-class insulation 5KV
4 Silicone adhesive no glue residue
5 Variable thickness from 0.06mm to 1.2mm
6 Size 0.06mm X 500mm X 33m or customized size
Electrical Insulation Tape Application
I.PCB,SMT masking protection in electronics
II.H-class insulation protection for electrical devices like transformer and capacitor
III.Coil wrapping
IV. High heat shielding below 300°C/572°F

Electrical Insulation Tape Images

Polyimide Film Tape Sheet Polyimide Film Tape Sheet

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