Copper Clad Laminate Classification

Copper Clad Laminate (CCL) is a plate-like material made by impregnating electronic glass fiber cloth or other reinforced insulation materials with resin, covered with copper foil on one or both sides and hot pressed. Copper clad laminate. Printed circuit boards of various forms and functions are processed, etched, drilled and copper-plated on copper-clad plates selectively to make different printed circuits. It mainly plays the role of interconnection, insulation and support for the printed circuit board, which has a great influence on the signal transmission speed, energy loss and characteristic impedance in the circuit. The workability, manufacturing level, manufacturing cost, and long-term reliability and stability in the process depend largely on the copper clad laminate.
copper clad laminate
Copper Clad Laminate classification:
a. According to the mechanical rigidity of copper clad laminate, the copper clad laminate is divided into rigid copper clad laminate and flexible copper clad laminate;
b. According to the insulation material and structure of copper clad laminate, it is divided into organic resin type copper clad laminate, metal-based copper clad laminate, ceramic-based copper clad laminate;
c. According to the thickness of copper clad laminate, it is divided into thick plate (plate thickness range 0.8 ~ 3.2mm (including Cu)) and thin plate (plate thickness range less than 0.78mm (excluding Cu))
copper clad laminate sheets (2)
d. The copper clad laminate is divided into glass cloth-based copper-clad laminate, paper-based copper-clad laminate and composite-based copper-clad laminate (CME-1, CME-2) according to the reinforced materials of copper-clad laminate.
e. Divided into flame-retardant board and non-flame-retardant board according to the flame retardant grade.
f. According to some properties of copper clad laminate, it is divided into high Tg board (Tg≥170 ℃), high dielectric property board, high CTI board (CTI≥600V), environmental protection copper clad board (halogen-free, antimony-free), ultraviolet Shielded copper clad laminate.

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