Classification And Function of Cutting Fluid for Transformer Epoxy Board

Today we introduce classification and function of cutting fluid for transformer epoxy board
1. The cutting fluid of transformer epoxy board mainly includes water-soluble cutting fluid and oil-based cutting fluid. Water soluble cutting fluid is divided into water solution, emulsion and synthetic cutting fluid. Oil cutting fluid mainly includes cutting oil and extreme pressure cutting oil. The water-soluble cutting fluid has good cooling and chip removal performance, has certain rust resistance, but poor lubricity; it is mainly used for rough machining or grinding with low requirements for epoxy plate processing quality, but high heat generation. The high concentration emulsion can be used for high speed finishing. The oil-based cutting fluid has good lubricity and antirust, poor chip removal and cooling, and is mainly used for low-speed finishing of epoxy plate.
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2. The function of cutting fluid for transformer epoxy board
Cutting fluid of transformer epoxy board is a kind of industrial fluid used in metal cutting and grinding process to cool and lubricate cutting tools and machining parts. Cutting fluid is composed of a variety of super functional auxiliaries through scientific combination. At the same time, it has good cooling performance, lubrication performance, anti rust performance, oil removal and cleaning function, anti-corrosion function and easy dilution characteristics.
In addition to the above 4 functions of transformer epoxy board, the cutting fluid used shall have good stability, without precipitation or stratification, oil separation, soap separation and aging during storage and use. The transformer epoxy board has a certain resistance to bacteria and molds, and is not easy to grow molds and biodegradation, resulting in odor and deterioration. No damage to painted parts, no harm to human body, no irritating smell. No smoke, fog or less smoke during use. It is easy to recover, low pollution, and the waste liquid discharged is easy to be treated. After treatment, it can reach the discharge standard of industrial sewage stipulated by the state.
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