Cable Iinsulating Paper

Product Description

Electrical cable insulating paper

Electrical cable insulating paper, also known as insulation paper with insulation properties, gray damage function of the paper. Cable paper, also known as cable insulation paper. An insulating paper for high voltage power cables, control cables and signal cables. Specifically for the electromagnetic wire plant, transformer plant, transformer plant, reactor plant use.

Electrical cable insulating paper features

1, Insulating materials are mostly used due to their different physical characteristics, temperature, humidity, chemical resistance and so on. Insulating paper is one of them.

2, Electrical cable insulating paper can be based on the thickness of insulation using different models and specifications, staff can be adjusted according to the actual length required.

3, Electrical cable insulating paper Under the premise of the original cable paper, it will be cut into various widths, which can effectively control the cost, save time and improve efficiency, reduce a lot of troubles;

4, the cable tape is also clean and tidy due to the processing environment, which can effectively guarantee its insulation medium, gray damage and other aspects of performance.

Electrical cable insulating paper structure

Electrical cable insulating paper is wrapped in the outermost layer of the cable, used to protect the conductive core insulation seal, moisture does not invade, nor to damage the insulation. For the web. Quantitative 45 ~ 175g / m2. Paper tough, uniform. High tensile, folding and tear strength. Does not contain metal, sand and conductive acid. High dielectric constant. Low power factor. When subjected to insulating liquid treatment, the stability of the paper is good. Its variety is divided according to different thickness or color. Unbleached kraft pulp with unbleached raw materials, the free beating, non-sizing, without filling (material), papermaking machine made on a long net. Inter-turn insulation for wires or cables.

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