Application of Diamond Dotted Paper(DDP)

The Diamond Dotted Paper is widely used in interlayer insulation and turn insulation of oil-immersed power transformer. When used, the coating begins to melt at a certain temperature during the drying process of the coil and produces adhesion. As the temperature rises, the solidification begins again, so that the adjacent layers of the winding can be reliably bonded into a fixed unit. The bonding strength of epoxy resin is enough to prevent the displacement of each layer of winding during short circuit, thus ensuring the long-term mechanical and electrical performance of insulation structure.

Because the resin coating on the rubber insulating paper on the rhombus is dotted, it ensures the oil immersion and the gas discharge from the insulating material, effectively avoids corona and partial discharge, thus ensuring the safety and reliability of the insulation structure.

Electrical insulating paper and cardboard have certain physical performance requirements, such as thickness, tightness, strength, elongation and tear. As insulating paper, it also has other characteristics, such as electrical insulation strength, power frequency or DC breakdown voltage, dielectric loss, and chemical indicators such as ash, electrical conductivity of water extracts and metal ions. There are special requirements for different purposes of electrical insulating paper.

Insulating paper fiber is the main insulating component material in oil-immersed transformer. Insulating crepe paper fiber is the basic solid tissue component of plants.

There are positive charged nuclei and negatively charged electrons running around nuclei in the atoms of material molecules. Unlike metal conductors, there is almost no freedom in insulating materials. Electrons, insulators, very small conductive current mainly from ionic conductance. Cellulose is made up of carbon, hydrogen and oxygen. Because of the presence of hydroxyl radicals in the molecular structure of cellulose, there is a potential for water formation, which makes paper fibers water-bearing.

Combustion resistance of insulating materials refers to the ability of insulating materials to resist combustion when contacting flame or to prevent continued combustion when leaving flame. With the increasing application of insulating materials, it is more important to require their combustibility. People improve and improve the combustibility of insulating materials by various means. The higher the combustion resistance, the better the safety.

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