2715 PVC Varnished Glass Tube

2715 PVC wire insulating fiberglass sleeve characters:

1. Colour: White, White with red stripes, White with blue stripes

2. Notches characteristic: smooth, not scattered

3. Size: Normal Length is 1000±20mm, consequent length confirmed by the agreement of the buyer and supplier

4.  Sleeve appearance requirement:

Smooth, bright, color, Coating no crack, no desquamate or crinkle, the sleeves must not be tacky and the sleeve walls must not be adhesive. No discoloration, bubbles, softening, oil pollution and other phenomenon to keep the normal electrical performance

5. Breakdown Voltage: 800V 1500V 2500V 4000V

6. Heat-resistant class: A

2715 PVC Varnished Glass Tube description:

2715 PVC SLEEVES/2715-Fiberglass Sleeving Coated with Polyvinyl Chloride Resin

This electrical insulation sleeve products are made from plasticized polyvinyl chloride resin coated E-glass fiber though plastination. Excellent softness and flexibility, good dielectric properties and chemical resistance, good mechanical strength.

2715 PVC Varnished Glass Tube shows:


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