Electrical Insulation Silicon Resin Fiberglass Laminate Sheet

Product Description
Established in 1958 with a proud history, ZTELEC is your top priority for electrical insulation solutions.
Description:It has high mechanical strength, heat resistance and dielectric properties, permeability, radiation resistance, flame resistance, used for H-class motor, electrical insulation components.Temperature resistance: Class H

Standard Applied: GB  
Basic info. Chinese name 3250
Basic material  
Color White / light green
No. Test item Unit  
1 Density g/m³  
2 Vertical layer bending strength 
MPa ≥320
3 Parallel layer impact strength
 (simply supported beam method)
KJ/m2 ≥45
4 Vertical layer electrical strength
(90℃transformer oil)(1mm thickness)
Kv/mm ≥8.0
5 Parallel layer breakdown voltage
(90℃transformer oil)
kv ≥35
6 Dielectric constant (50Hz) ≤4.5
7 Dielectric loss factor(50Hz) ≤0.02
8 Insulation resistance after immersion Ω ≥1.0*1010
9 Proof tracking   index(PTI)
10 Combustibility V-0
11 Temperature index, 180
12 Water absorption
(1)(1-20mm thickness)
mg 32~125
Note:(1)Range values are measured for different thicknesses