Epoxy glass insulation laminated sheetG10 Insulation Epoxy Board

Product name:fr4 epoxy glass sheet
Model Number:insulation board
Type:Insulation Sheet
Material:Fiberglass, Glass Fiber
Application:High Voltage
Tensile Strength:≥340MPa
Vertical layer bending strength (normal):≥340MPa
Parallel to the impact strength:≥38KJ/m2
Dielectric constant (50Hz):≤5.5
Dielectric loss factor (50Hz):≤0.04
Insulation resistance after immersion:≥5.0*1010Ω


Insulation board, also known as epoxy glass fiberboard, the molecular structure contains active epoxy groups, so that they can be cross-linked with a variety of curing agents to form insoluble, infusible three-way network of high Polymers.

G10 Insulation Epoxy Board Images

Epoxy glass insulation laminated sheet Epoxy glass insulation laminated sheet