2310 Oily Synthetic Fiber Paint Silk Introduction

Product name: oil synthetic fiber paint silk

Model: 2310

Main composition: polyester silk, oil paint

Features and USES: high electrical, mechanical properties suitable for the insulation of packing and gasket in electrical appliances

Heat resistance grade: grade A

Execution standard: JB/T 7772-1995

Thickness: 0.08, 0.10, 0.12, 0.15, 0.17mm;

Width:15, 20, 25mm.

The process is impregnating electrical immersion by a high degree polymerization oil vanish, after drying, it is the final product. On diagonal direction, it has a high elongation; meanwhile, it has good flexibility, high dielectric properties.

It is used for thin layer of insulation of motors, transformers and other electrical equipment as conductive properties request with oil resistance also can be used for liner insulation or wrapping insulation, of oil-filled transformers and electrical coil, heat-resistant grade 105, belongs to A-class insulation material.